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#229006 - , lucy got up off the floor and proceeded to wash the men with a soap ans sponge, one by one the men left the shower and got dressed until only lucy was left, lucy washed herself clean and put on one of the hotel robes before joining the men in the main room, the men had all gone back to playing cards, the first man turned to lucy, thank youo for the entertainment your money on the side please see yourself out, goodnight. lucy placed both her hands on her cum soaked tits and rubbed the cum all over her body, sliding warm cum into her pussy then all over her stomach, lucy rubbed her hands in the puddle of cum between her tits and scooped up a load of old man jizz, she let it drip and run down over her nose and mouth then rubbed it in alll over her face, lucy scooped up all she could and pushed it through her hair, lucy was covered in cum, she could feel her skin becoming very sticky, there was still lots of cum on her tits jill rubbed her hand in it then wiped her hand over her ass

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