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#34969 - What does it look like? Becky whispered hoarsely. I want you to eat my fucking pussy!!! Oh noooooo, Dani moaned, I-I just couldn't! Becky's grip was like a vise, and when Dani tried to pull away she found it was useless to struggle and allowed the fat titted bitch to guide her mouth directly to her gaping cunt! Never in her life had she had any type of sexual contact with another human being, and as much as she abhorred the thought of being a lesbian, the lure of Becky's sweet smelling vagina absolutely overpowered her senses! Instead of fighting it Dani let her mouth rest comfortably against the sopping wet organ while her curious tongue meandered up and down the slippery labia! Becky threw her head back and thrust her pussy forward while gasping, S-sweet jesus in heaven, you are a cunt lapping wonder!!! Dani didn't know about that, but she did know that from that moment on she was a confirmed cunt sucker! After a few minutes of exploring Dani finally

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