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#194956 - Just as he can feel an orgasm starting to build, the garage door can be heard opening downstairs* Daddy, Daddy! Help! We're upstairs! Help! * He sticks his hand back over her mouth* I told you to be quiet or I was gonna shove my cock in there. Standing at the edge of the bed between her parted legs, he hastily pulls down his own jeans and boxers, his throbbing hard cock springing out, the tip glistening in anticipation of his sister's untapped resources* *He plays with her little clit, reveling in how she wiggles, still crying but her body betraying her, her pelvis raising slightly to meet his touch despite her verbal protestations* You like that, don't you? I think you're already a little slut and you just didn't know it *with that he plunges into her without warning or hesitation, his rod bottoming out inside her as he grips her waist to prevent her pulling away* *she cries out in a mixture of pain and fear, his dick spreading her w

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