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#17697 - She rubs her fingers quickly over her clit, her Master's cock throbbing helplessly between her legs as she squeezes it between her thighs and she climaxes just to make sure he knows what he's missing, then slows to recover and fingers herself to another climax as she watches her slave aching to fuck her, tortured just to have to watch her Mistress playing with herself inches away, savoring each little aftershock, drawing out the pleasure. Do you want her, Master? Yes, he admits defeatedly, squirming with unfulfilled desire. The Mistress reaches down between her Slave's legs, drawing the long sticky vibrator out of her tight, wet pussy, sliding it up her wounded chest and over her neck, drawing it across the Slave's lips, giving her just a taste before the Mistress licks it clean herself, savoring the sweet taste of her Slave's musk.

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