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#303868 - She had been locked up a cramped, filthy cell with a biting iron collar around her neck and even as the anger blazed through her mind she found herself unable to lash out, she couldn’t thrash, she couldn’t fight, she couldn’t even scream. Zu’gar grunted and reached out, taking it from the child and setting it inside the door, she was about to close it when the child spoke. “Ugh, I’m not, going to last, ugh, long,” Zu’gar grunted, her lips parted a little as her breath quickened, the pleasure of the small woman's full pouted lips, the spongy wetness of her eager swirling tongue and the constant pressure as she sucked on her length, her lips constantly rolling up and down, always to the very tip, the sensation traveling over the silky smoothness of her now revealed cock head the epitome of ecstasy.

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