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#287229 - Her muffled pleading and frenzied moans seemed to constantly encourage the big dog, who immediately burst into delighted licking at her spasming crotch. You're certainly in a lover mood, aren't you big boy? Jade murmured as Rex leaned against her calf, still licking gently at her thigh, what's wrong, baby, hasn't Amber been paying any attention to my good boy? Well, Jade still loves you, good dog, she continued, patting the Shepherd's shoulder, Even if little sister hasn't been taking care of you, you're still my lover dog, you know that. Was there a chance, would she respond if the big dog went further? Do you like it down there, big boy, you like the way I smell, huh? Go ahead, good dog, she blurted suddenly, feeling the Shepherd's hot breath panting at her snatch, that feels really good, lover, you can keep that up for me if you want to.

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