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#300221 - by this time were walking over a small bridge when I said that she. I'd always Noticed her even talked to her a select few times but it changed in april 2008 for my 16th birthday my dad uncle me my cousins went out quading well I come to say I fucked up I made to sharp a turn that my atv and I couldn't handle and needless to say I had fractured my ankle so a cast and crutches were my future for the next 6 weeks of my life well my school being big took me forever to move none the less having a 20 pound bag to carry for the upcoming finals well me being stubborn said no to being let out early to switch classes or people helping me I was late everyday one day just being frustrated I tried to get out so quickly I fell I felt stupid Moronic for not allowing myself help. Julie came through the door and said hey jim wait up I can help you home I said only if you want to no obligation she said I'd love.

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