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#193939 - THIS IS MY FIRST STORY ALTHOUGH NOT ORIGINAL SO PLZ. Just as he was about to cum, she removed her mouth and let him squirt his load all over her tits and nipples, completely soaking them in his hot, creamy cum! At the sight of his cock spewing its load, I started cumming wildly, too! Screams and howls of our sexual ecstacy filled our bedroom, and I bet that if anyone had been walking outside in front of our house and, hearing our screams, peered through the window, they'd have stopped in their tracks and started masturbating like crazy on the spot! We certainly would have provided the hottest live sex show imaginable! As we all came back to earth, Nancy took Carl's cock and used it to massage all of his cum into her boobs, taking special care to soak her incredible nipples with his cum. So, Nancy and I got on either side of Carl's cock, and squeezed our voluptuous tits together around his shaft, and told him to fuck both of us between our titties until he exploded all

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