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#10561 - It's amazing! she exclaimed. *THEODORE ANDERSON NOTT JR! WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP! *OK, OK, OK, sheesh* *Thank you* *By the way, how are you sis?* *I'm fine,bro* *What are you doing?* *Reading, you?* *Blimey, don't you ever stop reading?* *Yes, what are you doing?* *Getting your room ready while talking to you* *You shouldn't have* *We do this every year when our birthday is nearing, it became sort of a tradition* *Oh, so why are we going there the day before our birthday? *Because a glamour was cast on you to protect you and it will wear off when someone in the family takes it off or when you reach your thirteenth birthday* *That explains a lot and if you excuse me I'd like to take a nap* *All right then, bye* *Bye* It was the day before the Notts were going to pick her up to see Theo; they are going to pick her up at nine o'clock in the morning.

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