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#124146 - As that scene rolled forward to connect with the next scene and that one connected to another scene to create her fantasy, her eyes twinkled with a naughty glint, her mouth morphed from a soft warm smile into a slightly lascivious, sly grin and the fantasy ended with Bill’s good bye that morning, hot, passionate, warm, and loving before his final thrust, the last hot spurt entering her, the soft farewell squeeze of her vagina as she felt Bill withdraw the last bit of the tip from her, the sticky, hot trickle flowing from her vagina between her buttocks, and their fluffy white comforter snugged up tightly under her chin with her eyes closed as she tried to hold onto feeling the warmth of his semen inside her. When she saw herself in the dress shop mirror, she smiled at the way it looked and as she slid her hands from her shoulders to her hips she beamed thinking how much pleasure it would give her to feel Bill’s hands touching her in it. Cory glanced at the clock again.

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