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#81962 - I thought she must have fucked others also, so I pulled out and threw away the condom, and asked her to lie on her stomach, then I scooped all her cum from her pussy and spread iton and in her arsehole, she was a virgin there, so I rubbed a little coconut oil also on her arsehole as well as my erect cock, and then asked her to loosen her arsehole, the way I had done it to a few boys and then I slippped my cock inside her she squirmed a little but she took it an I found it much tighter this time, and I fucked her long and hard and came inside her arse and as I pulled it out of her some of my cum oozed out of her anus. Saying so she got up in a hurry she forgot the nicker was very loose and it fell around her ankles. Then I asked hr That put all my fears away, then I said to her, I will give you much more you do all you do with him.

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Tommy himi
So beautiful together
Yoshiyuki terada
I could take that black cock in my ass its not that big lol