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#347366 - No, don't get the wrong idea, I'm in entertainment, I like girls, girl girls before they get fat and lazy, eighteen and keen, thats my scene. Julia my wife was a selfish bitch, that's Giulia with a G but you say it Julia and anyway she had insisted on a divorce after the first time I got shot, hell it barely scratched me, and she moved out west and took Rico with her, just like that, Grandfather said let her go, and her set her up with an apartment, he done a few other things as well so she wasn't having any more kids and he got a couple of real well built guys for gardeners to keep her happy. I looked up, the sun was dazzling a great shaft of gold reflected of the ocean dazzling us and as the sun touched the ocean and started to enter so I eased my tool between her cunt lips and just pushed right into her.

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