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#116229 - I got myself cleaned out, shaved my pussy and found a nice sheer dress to put on, with heels and nothing else, save a small handbag, and waited for Rose to arrive. Sue slide her fingers in our holes and ate the cum from them, then she shocked her partner, scooping a load of cum from her ass, she feed it to him, making him eat his own cum, the look on his face was priceless, then Rose took it further, sticking her pussy in his face and rubbing her cum soaked holes around on him, I did see his tongue dart into her pussy a couple of times, so he was getting turned on by it too. Between us we took care of all the guys that wanted to fuck us, we even kind of raped a lady who wandered in at one time, she had stood watching Rose and I play, so being kinky and game for any thing, I got Rose and we worked on her, holding her whilst we ate her pussy and sat on her face, feeding her from our cum filled holes, her partner fucked my ass whilst I sat on her face, then we both watched as his

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Becky farrah
I love this hentai her bodycontrol is amazing pls more about this
Hagoromo gitsune