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#236763 - The officer sat beside the Governor with a notepad and the interview was about to begin. well about 15!” she said remembering what Faisal said “15!!!! – vah vah you have been a naughty girl!” he said smirking “Thank you sir!” said Shazia thinking this was a good sign “So, have you ever given oral sex?” he asked “Yes sir!” she replied “Swallowed?” he asked “Erm, yes of course what is the other option?” she asked confused “Ha ha, very smart answer!” he said not realising she genuinely didn’t know Ahmed stood up and made his way toward Shazia, placing himself on the desk in front “So Shazia, these clothes?” he said stroking her bikini tight top “Faisal chose them?” “No they are my choice sir!” she replied “Really, are all your clothes in this style?” he asked surprised “Yes sir, my ex boyfriend said to dress like this sir!” she explained “Where is your boyfriend now?” he asked “He is married!” replied Shazia remembering Asad “Oh, his family found someone else for him?”

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