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Web Ato 95-kai demo Ikemasu!! - Girls frontline India

[ねるねる (ねねる)] あと95回でもイケます!! (少女前線) [中国翻訳]


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#217693 - As I stated before a child born by two Goa'uld or a Gou'uld and a Human is called a Harcesis, the child won't have the increased strength, perfect health and longevity of a Goa'uld but he/ she will have all the knowlege of the Goa'uld and when he/she is old enough he/ she can tell my Nerothians that I'm not a god but a serpent who takes Humans as hosts and uses technology to pose as a god and this I cannot allow. My Nerothians know me as a kind and all powerful god who can read their minds but her doubt of my power is bothering me, she wanted to know why I needed 10 guards so I've decided to show my Nerothians just how powerful I really am. This pleases me greatly, she'd rather die than continue to suffer this torture but I won't let her, I'll heal her broken body so she's strong enough to endure this nightmare again and again and even if she does die I'll ressurect her, now I know how Ba'al must have felt when he tortured and killed Jack O'Neil, the leader of Sg-1 over and over agai

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