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#315241 - That night I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited about what had happened in the morning, I had seen a naked girl ,touched some tits, fingered a pussy and gotten a blow job, what a great day indeed, another thing that was bothering me was how could I get some money for next week, I wanted to fuck Kelly, of course so I couldn’t just ask my parents ,I had to either find a job or sell something, my allowance was only 15$ a week, and I didn’t have any savings. After a while of laying on top of her I pulled out, I sat down and inspected every inch of her body with my hands I opened her pussy, I smelled it, I tasted it, I did the same with her breast, I stated to wonder if I should fuck her again, I was willing and able, but I decided against it, I got up and got dressed I covered Cindy with a blanket and started to clean up her apartment, it took me a couple of hours, I had to leave the door open because I didn’t have keys, and couldn’t find any, I ran to the store and spent about 20 dollars

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A day well spent