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#332515 - I got his cock into my mouth before he started to CUM , he pulled my head hard down onto his cock just as he started to blew big lots of spunk into my mouth I swallowed his CUM as fast as I could but some was leaking out the side of my mouth. Then it was his turn to fuck me, I said to Merve “the more you fuck me the more I want to be with you all the time as I am starting not to like you but to LOVE you, also I want to be your fuck all the time, your BUM-BOY if that pleases you, so fuck me teach me how to do everything Sexy for you”. With that Peter said “ I will ring a few mates up we should get you about 15 to 20 “ “ Thanks , that might be enough but will you see about getting me a big Black Cock to Fuck me as I want to finish on something nice and big.

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