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#389743 - The waiter showed them to their table, they always asked for the same one, it was in the back corner of the restaurant nice and secluded, away from the crowed restaurant, they liked the fact they could feel alone while still been waited on. When they got through the door Marc asked if her could have is surprise now Kate nodded and led him up stairs to the bedroom. She then went over to him and started kissing him starting with his lips slowly working her way down his neck over his chest continuing down over his six pack then down to his throbbing cock, she slowly started circling his bellend teasing him, then she started to take him in her mouth while moving her hand up and down his shaft watching him moan in sheer pleasure, before he exploded she stopped and slowly worked her way up to Marc’s lips.

Read Butt 進捗報告12/13 Fisting 進捗報告12/13

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Licorice nelson
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