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#393804 - I looked over to see Stef her arse full of dog cock, Kim under her licking her clit and Stu face fucking her, I knelt down watching as guys fucked my arse too, Sue was close by, riding 2 cocks and sucking another. Stef helped, and both went down playing and sucking with his soft cock, slowly it got harder, the guys fucked them while they sucked, then the dog started to lick me more, and jumped up, his front legs near my shoulders, then I felt his cock, as one of the girls aimed it at my arse, a few pushs, then he went in, his cock getting harder as he fucked me, it was so good having a dog cock back in my butt, as he built up speed. I was enjoying his cock, the heat and speed he fucked me was great, then I felt him swell up more and cum, even after fucking the girls he still had lots of cum left, my orgasm continued until he stopped and his knot went soft, as he pulled his cock out I held my hand over my butt, moving above Stef, she knew she was going to wear it all.

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Kurisu makise
It would be perfect if she drinks all that cum
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Yea but she is the best dick sucker ever still love ya
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