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Reverse Cowgirl 最強引き篭り御曹司のとろける婚活ハーレム Vaginal

[五十嵐唱乃] 最強引き篭り御曹司のとろける婚活ハーレム [中国翻訳]


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#325471 - “Do you want to stay with me?” “Yes…please…” She whispered, her eyes wide with desire, her pulse quickening and she felt lightheaded, the room slowly beginning to spin around her as she trembled slightly in his warm embrace, “Kiss me? Please Alex…please kiss me…” He leaned in as his right hand slid behind her neck and gently cupped her head, their lips softly touching as he paused slightly before pressing in and slowly, lovingly kissing her soft quivering lips. Maybe there was no stepping from the mist, no resurrection for a ghost like him, maybe death was his only reward, the only penance that could absolve him of his many sins… Alex, that evidently was his new name since Steven Conner had accidentally stepped on a landmine three days ago and been vaporized; he wondered if the cover stories were so unbelievable as a sign to other covert agencies, or if the people making them up were just stupid – vaporized indeed! Steven, or Alex, he knew he needed to start thinking in ter

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