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#385413 - We lay on the bed for her imaginary breast, l slid a hand under Silvia’s skirt and felt her fat puffy pussy hole through her knickers and gently began to rub a finger between her pussy lips, after a time she was breathing deeper, Silvia asked did l want to see between mummy’s legs then corrected herself repeating would l like to see what she had between her legs, l broke from my feeding to answer ‘yes’ l was in two minds to answer ‘yes mummy Silvia’, she kissed me on the mouth then told me l was her special baby boy stood up unbutton the back of her skirt then rolled down her knickers, l don’t know how l didn’t shoot my load there and then l even had trouble talking when she parted her legs then spread her pussy lips giving me a lovely view, next said she had better finish off feeding me because she didn’t want me waking in the night hungry. I was sitting at the table when Robert came home and remarked l looked lovely then kissed me on the lips l wasn’t sure which was the weirdest thi

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