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#52570 - I saw it first! Finders keepers’’ ‘’ roger that wraith! Ill keep the set warm’’ They worked furiously getting the hummer wraith found ready for its new job They removed the doors and welded them to the front “well’’ tank said ‘’she aint miss America but shell work fine’’ I got behind the wheel and started it up tank took a position on the roof with the gun “you secure tank? You aint gonna fall off?’’ ‘’ roger that im secure here’’ fang climmed into the rear and broke the rear windows out so she could shoot We started barreling down to the ship when we saw the rat army I gave the ‘’fire at will’’ order and heard tank open up I stepped harder on the gas and tuned into the thick of the army After all why alse did we weld the doors to the front? We came to the ship and I pulled under it to a blindspot and got out ‘’tank your with fang. I took my hand off him long enough to reach my glock, and empty the clip into sis ugly head. Now very pissed off at this thing I sprang up un hookin

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