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#38778 - I open the door quickly and the shadow falls inside my door laughing as a bunch of girls run down the driveway yelling “Sorry but we can’t bring her home like that as she will get into shit with her husband!” I look down and there on the floor drunk as a skunk and still giggling is my step daughter Alicia. I go and turn on the shower and get it good and warm and help her into the bathroom and she says she can do it herself but after a few minutes I hear the loud crash and rush in to her halfway in the shower with one leg still in her pants and nothing else on. I reach over her and rub her back and follow the curve down to her sweet looking ass.

Read Gozando Return of the Scavenger - Tenchi muyo Orgasms Return of the Scavenger

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I hate when they cut off and skip the scenes as in the beginning
Kouhei inuzuka
Does your husband know about your black cock fetish