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#246354 - That evening after the clubhouse it was just me, Steph and Beth with Steph’s help l finally got to fist Beth she was tight, but l spread her pussy wide enough to get my fist right inside her and so l didn’t forget the moment Steph took a few photos for me to keep. Julie had put up a large windbreaker, Steph and Karan were down by the water playing with an inflatable, Beth was spread out on her towel next to me and Julie lay the other side she put some sun lotion onto my back then l was told to roll over and she will do my front. I was woken early in the morning by bangs and clangs which turned out to be Steph and Karan doing themselves some cereal the bed apartment door opened and Karan asked if l wanted a coffee, she was wearing a flimsy tight vest of Steph’s and some knickers that hugged her pussy to show off the outline of her pussy lips, replying l said yes to the coffee then l wanted her in with me because she was going to get another fucking, Karan grinned and laughed then loo

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