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#160626 - I was so in to eating out his ass I didn’t notice Mike had slid between my legs and was rubbing his dick between my cheeks, I knew he was getting ready stretch me with his massive cock when I felt him push against my cum filled hole only able to work the head in before he backed off and tried again getting a little more in and the pain hit me causing me to tense up “I don’t think he’s ready yet but I know what he will enjoy” said Mike as he stepped off the bed. Unable to take my eyes of the his large limp phallus hanging in front of him he told me I could suck it some more if I wanted too so I wasted no time sitting on the bed and taking him in my mouth. ” I turned to see a very fit black man standing at the bottom of the bed and with a quick look down I knew it was the well endowed man that had forced himself down my throat earlier.

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