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#263440 - i told him im gay and im going out with a fantastic guy (i smiled at that point) but he called me a dirty fag and i wasnt his son baby im so sorry harvey hugged me and started crying into my shoulder i said hey baby dont cry he really isnt worth it if he wants to continue being a cave man let him harvey got up and said i need to talk to my dad if i have to i will lie to him and say im not really gay i stood up and stopped harvey from moving up and down his room and said babe that wont work and you shouldnt be ashamed of who you are or who your with harvey went from looking at the floor to looking at me in the eyes he gorgous eyes was full of tears he said im not ashamed of you baby i love you so much harvey baby stop crying. i hope your feeling alot better today because you need to remember that you are a special guy and i love you more than anything in the word babe i kissed harvey goodbye and got into my car and drove home when i got home my mom was on edge a little abo

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Ayaka sunohara
Saw your tiktok had to see what you were about lmao
Satsuki yumizuka
Hot massage
Yes it was hard experience
Queria um pau desse no meu cuzinho