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#80963 - One of them asked Maria how she wanted to be fucked,she said as many times as possible and in everyway possible,but to start what about them fucking her over the boot of the car. When I got to the car Maria had a smile on her lips and was sitting with her head tipped onto the back of the seat and with her legs wide open,she looked very relaxed,I asked if she was ok,she turned her head to me and said of course she was and told me not to be such a worrier,after all I was going to see her get what I had always wanted,she said that she wouldnt let me down,she said that she was determined to let them fuck her all night if necessary,she had said all this in her langauge,I knew she spoke like this for the benefit of the guys. I thought she was joking,so I asked which guys,she didnt answer,just smiled enigmatically.

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Gabriel tenma white
I like the toungue out and the mouth opened it remember that she is a ridicoulus three holes slave i always order to my slaves to do that
Teito klein
Perfect just perfect