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#99951 - I went to the bedroom and got naked, then I picked my pink net socking and wear them only with a black high heels, I was feeling wet and shocking at the same time, I looked to the mirror and said to myself this is it, now I can be in no shame from my fantasies anymore and I went back to the living room, my husband looked at me with both lust and surprise as I called the puppies and laid on the carpet on my back spreading my legs and my knees was in the air. - Adult and game is a serious compound. please stop he ignored my begging and just said: I never say I fucked a bitch if I didn’t completely use her, so your ass is mine, I will fuck you… he put oil on my ass and rub it then a few more drops on my ass hole and fingered me, first by his middle finger then he used two, I was screaming of pain but I was wet, he fingered my pussy and used my juices to finger my ass, and that last for two minutes before he stopped, I felt his shaft trying to enter my ass then a stroke of pain and plea

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