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#301299 - Oetken, Tommy said, as he ushered her towards the studio in the rear of the house, right through that door, please sit down. Tommy was a little taken back when he saw what Emma had hidden under her skirt, instead of the usual panty hose, Emma wore a garter belt, hose, and very sexy over sized bikini panties! Even though she had a round paunchy belly, the sight of an older grand motherly type, dressed in lingerie deemed more appropriate for a twenty year old was unbelievably erotic, and although he was working, Tommy couldn't have stopped getting and erection even if he had wanted to! You really came ready to work, commented Tommy, as he clicked away, his auto advance buzzing after each shot. Oh my god, fuck me, she pleaded, fuck me hard, I haven't been fucked in over a year!!! Just hearing her pleading for his cock made Tommy hot with lust for the old woman, and he could not believe how hot she was! Never in his life had he had a woman as hot as Emma Oetken!!! As

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Subaru uchimaki
I swear you look like my ex too bad i can t see all of your face