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#45493 - I lied down on her for a second and then again started pumping my dick in her wet pussy!! In this peak winters of December, we both were sweating profusely and the sound of our moans and my dick going in and coming out of her pussy was filled in the room! We both were now reaching our climax and she asked me to cum in her pussy! what could be better than that for me! In a couple of minutes we both had cummed and it was one of the most amazing cum i ever had! Her moans and working of hands on me were amazing. I generally dont interfere in lives of other people, so I didnt bother about the discussion and came in my flat. I looked up and there she was, looking at me.

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Kazuya krau-xeku
November is a though month aw
Ginga izumo
What a beautiful girl
Tokiko zaizen
Thank you