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#325968 - she was short maybe 53 that's short to me considering im 61 i am not cocky but a girlfriend once measured me at 9' of rock hard throbbing cock but anyways back to Tiffany she had long curvy blond hair half way down her back i would say nice tits and a firm ass. so i got into my car and went finally i arrived at room # 611 i took a deep breath and knocked on the door she opened the door and i was in heaven. Then she looked up and me and said your turn and laid on the bed and i knew it was time for me to suck her love juices but first i started sucking on her tits and got them nice and hard hearing her little moans of ecstasy i slowly started kissing down her belly and to her mound of shaven heavenly hole.

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Mercy | angela ziegler
Blond girl name
As always nice words from you thanks