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#243568 - So Maryellen quickly thought up a plan. Maryanne's pussy was gaped open as it could be slime and her juices all over her mound of red hair, the insides of her thighs soaked, a big puddle of slimey juice below on the table, her ass wallowing in it, as she shook and twisted it about, in her knocked out state of mind!!! Irene was shivering all over and Thedford was squirming in his chair as they had watched all this happen to their daughter!! Maryellen leaned down to Irene and said; Aunt Esterr can arrange to have you pleasured like that!! Irene's eyes shot wide open the absolute lust of it all showing in them her pussy wet as can be and her mind was guilt ridden that this terrible sexual experience for her daughter had made her so damn wet and wanton of it!!! Thedford on the other hand thinking these are some mentally sadistic motherfuckers!! Trying to plan how he could get his wife and daughters the fuck away these evil people!! But his cock was rock hard!!! Aunt Esterr

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