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#389617 - I begin by running my tongue up and down her lips I lightly bite one of them and Wendy moans I run my tongue in her hole where I feel her hymen she is moaning I run my tongue on the top of her pussy and graze my teeth over her clit and I take it between my lips and start sucking it slow at first and then faster my own pussy is throbbing at this point I reach up and pinch her nipple and she cums loudly and we find out that Wendy is a squitter. I ask her what she thought so far and she says that she likes it and wants to do more I tell her that when the girls come back they will be given an orgasm and then we will be done for the day and that if she wants to use one of the girls that she can take one of the back to her room for one hour and she picks Maria. She picks Wendy she was the only girl that really didn’t cry when I whipped her Julia went right to it she used a paddle on the poor girl and she hit her hard and although the girl she is crying she isn’t screaming after they are do

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