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#244427 - i dont know his future goals, my aussie instincts kicked in i yelled out HEY! and caught the guy of guard enough for the woman to break free from his grasp the guy took a knife to me and swung it at me i went in to disarm him and managed to come out on top with just a minor cut to my chest nothing serious the guy got up and ran away before i could take any more action but at least the girl was safe. Taylor;s room was really fancy more fancy than my house she led me to come sit with her , we chatted we drank we must have downed a whole bottle of wine between us i could see she was getting tired or drunk one of the two i excused myself and asked if she wanted me to leave because she looked tired she lightly grazed the side of my head saying she dosent mind i just lost my train of thought staring at her luscious red lips so red and full and puffy so kissable i was broken out of my gaze when she was waving her hands in front of me maybe your a little tipsy she giggled i

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