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#379214 - Mark kept licking my long shaft for a few moments, then, as I had hoped, he started to suck on its head, I could feel his tongue racing over it, sending waves of pleasure arcing through my body as he went deeper and deeper on my itching cock, I couldn’t wait much longer, I had to blow, I picked up my pace, pumping my cock faster and faster until, with one deep thrust and a wave of pleasure, I blew my load, right in his mouth, there was no way he could avoid swallowing because I was too deep. I was surprised by the size of my own bladder, it just seemed to keep coming, until, forty five seconds later, I finally faded out, Mark was once again leaning on the wall, this time dripping with piss. “Wow your sister is really hot, have you ever thought of fucking her yourself?” he asked me “Well, yeah, I imagined both of us with her at once” I replied “Do you think that will ever happen?” he said, I was getting the feeling that he wanted to do things with my sister as well as me,

Read Ass Licking 射胶大战争(K记翻译) Pussy Orgasm 射胶大战争(K记翻译)

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