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#394341 - She smiles a little and looked in my eyes we just said there silent for around 30 seconds starring at each other when I tried to brake the silence I'm sorry miss I shouldn't have said that I stutter out while she just keeps looking at me and then for a split second I see her smile as she slowly pulls her shirt over head leaving her in that black bra Her D cup full in sight my mouth dropped open as she layed her shirt on the table okay your turn she said to me . it's okay miss you can touch it I said ensuring her that she can play with it as she came closer and tried to get her small hands around it I smiled at her touch as she slowly stroked it I started exploring her perfect soft tits I looked at her while she was still amazed by my cock you are so hot miss foster I said out she smiled and answered out call me jenny I smiled and went for a small kiss .

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