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#384355 - My head was reeling; I had to know about everything? I could not ask my daughter, what was I going to do? a little while later My daughter came out dressed she had finished and ask if she could have a drink, I went to the snack bar to get her a drink as I was at the bar I kind of sneak a peek at the guy sitting on his own and I notice he was looking at my daughter who at this time had her legs open and even opened them more as she saw him looking. she smiled and said hi sweet heart coffee and toast are on the table, I kissed her she said she will miss this for a whole week but when she gets back she will be all over me for a month lol, there was a beep outside it was her brother Tony he was taken her to the train station I carried her case to the car spoke to Tony cot on some gossip, kissed Pam again, as she got in oh can you give Kim a kiss for me tell her I will ring tomorrow whit that off she went I went back into the house finished my coffee went up stairs to have a shower, got

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Can someone please tell me her name i cant seem to find it
Yume kitaoka
Fine as fuck