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#337047 - At first I just wanked him and then progressed to sucking him taking a while to get used to the metallic taste of his come I was surprised at the watery come from him compared to boy spunk its more watery and hotter than boys as well ,but i came to enjoy him coming in my mouth I loved the colours on his angry cock blue/red/purple and his knot was small as he was only a corgi, my love affair with his cock only faded when i left to join the Army at 16 and a half though i gave him some fun when I was home on leave the first couple of years ,then i had the news he had died in '79 I wont deny I sobbed like a baby when I got the news and for the next 4-5 yrs i had to abstain from any sexual practice that would get me court martialed that being k9 and bisexuality , I was doing great with both until I was posted to Northern Ireland during the troubles and found my sense of humour wasnt appreciated by my sergeant major who asked who knew anything about horses ,I came to attention and s

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