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#271858 - I woke early in the morning and both my girls were gone, I got up and washed then saw a note, ‘dad had to go to work, Wendy has gone shopping, the girls say thanks for the party, sorry they left early, Wendy will be back about half ten’ the writing changed then I read ‘be naked in bed when I get back this pussy wants more cock before we go home’, I did as was told and Wendy and I fucked for a couple of hours, we cleaned up and returned home. I continued visiting Emily, Wendy went to collage near home so she stayed with Sue and I, we fucked when we had the opportunity, as much as Sue wouldn’t have objected, at least I didn’t think she would, I didn’t want to do it in front of her. I followed the girls up to the bath room and they stripped off while I ran the water, when they were naked they said “Come on granddad, take your clothes off” I stripped and got in with them, like yesterday they stood while I washed them then I stood and they washed me, only today I didn’t try stopping t

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