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#407539 - I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it hard but gentle, you push my face against your breast as your body shudders against mine, after a moment I take your other nipple into my waiting mouth, and the same. At this time, I take you by the hotel so we can freshen up and get ourselves back together, I let you take a shower first, and after a few moments of you being in the shower, I open the door a little bit and peek in on you, I see your silhouette behind the shower curtain and your curves are very sexy and my cock starts to get hard as I think of you bent over in the shower and your legs wide apart, with me kneeling behind you running my tongue up the crack of your ass and the small of your back all the way up to your neck, running my hands up the front of your body, up the front of your legs, gently passing over your soft bush making you shudder a little bit, slowly going up past your belly, running my hands all across your belly an

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