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#186023 - Susan said that she would speak to Mike if Anna didn’t want to and arrange the shopping trip. Shaking Mike slowly stopped Anna who with a look of disappointment moved back from him, sitting down now Mike hoarsely whispered, ‘now it’s your turn’ Anna and Susan stood up together and slowly facing each other took hold of the bows at either side of their friends bikini bottoms, pulling together they undid them and let the now loose material fall to the floor, Leaning forward Mike placed a hand on each girls thigh and turned them to face him, seeing their bare pussy’s up close for the first time he almost came, Mike sat looking at them frozen for a few seconds before Anna took his hand and moved it to her pussy, Susan followed suit almost reluctant to let Anna prove she was more adventurous.

Read Por Oretachi no Paizurina - Issaitafu no Susume Grosso Oretachi no Paizurina - Issaitafu no Susume

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