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#220099 - Kitty bit down on her ball gag, the pain was intense, almost unbearable and he was pressing on her bladder making her want to pee, she stared at the floor, smelt the smell of stale spunk that even the smell of shake and vac couldn't cover and she felt totally degraded. Your Wurzel accent never was very convincing, he said, But two thousand, well will they take a credit card? She wanted to warn him off but to her shame she tried to maintain the pretence, Yes me lover, pay at the desk and I'll be in twelve B. Oh, Kitty replied, You liar, put Mummy on now! You have obviously not seen the newspapers? he observed, The New News of the World is very effusive with your praise, he said, Although Mr Decaid made apologies and went home to his loving wife or so he says.

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