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#430874 - as she is speaking, I can see her legs slowly spread apart, as my chair is a fair way back from the table, and I can see under it to her chair, Jodie then reaches one hand down under tne table and raises her short skirt so i can see her bare shaven pussy. She then says, do you like what you see? She then tells me George has a rule, that it is not cheating if no clothes are removed and due to his work he hasn't fucked me in months and Helen seems to enjoy you After that, I stand up walk around the table to her, grab her hand and stand her up and proceed to kiss her, it was very passionate and i started rubbing her tits through her top and ran my hand up her pussy and it was slick After a short time, I led her to the kitchen bench, i dropped my pants and undies she told me i could not take them off, so they were around my ankles and I ask condom or bareback, she said bareback, as god meant it to be, I fucked her and she came really quickly, she was screaming oh god oh.

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