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#333880 - Kate went over to the tv and turned it on Marc thought she was going to put the music channel on but to his surprise Kate had bought a porn dvd she asked Marc so do you like the first part of your surprise he nodded with a cheeky grin, he said so what, before he could say anything else she put her index finger over his lips and pushed on to the bed, she then handcuffed him to the headboard, removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants and boxers, as he laid there naked and unable to do anything Kate started stripping for him, she’d never done anything like this before marc was loving it. Kate then went over to Marc’s throbbing cock and straddled him she eased him into her wet pussy playing with her tits while gyrating back and forth up and down on his stiff shaft both moaning with sheer pleasure until they both reached full climax. Marc had gone to the restaurant straight from work he got there ten minutes early, it was now five past six so Kate was already late

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