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#460174 - and she pulled her shirt up and exposed her perfect round tits with rock solid nipples. and after a few i was smashed and ready to just lay back and see what happened but we were out drink for everyone else so i had to get some drink and when i got back i had just a few more drinks and made sure her and her friend were smashed and they were i brought the drinks in and came back outside hoping to have a good night but to my surprise her friend had left and my brothers girlfriend was just sitting there and i decided to sit down and try something with her because i am a very sexual person so it just came naturally and i said i needed to pee and started towards the side of my building and she got up and followed and we took care of our business and her head was about two maybe three inches from my cock and i got wood from that thought and wasn't able put it away and happened to mention to her at the same time that she had a great rack and she replied you wanna see em? and as an

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