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#181630 - It wasn't a few seconds they were both totally rock hard tom was about 8 inches and a bit thick not like the coach and he was uncut I blew him like I have blown the coach at first but he was different he was uncut first I pushed the flesh down and started twisting my tongue around his head then I pushed the flesh up and started spitting on him and then licked the inside of the flesh and bit it nice or twice he liked it because he moaned a lot and said the coach was right it is the best I was capable of making him cum In two minutes and shifted. the coach than took off his shorts and slept on the desk and said one to lick, one to rim we stayed put maybe a minute too long because he then yelled can't you do simple instructions you suck you rim I got picked to suck. I was well build so I tried joining the football team after try outs the coach called me and john to his office.

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