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#294016 - Snake Lady told her move your hand and arm off that your belly and you hold your husbands hand and you tell him what fucked you Slave!! I'll rub your belly for you while you tell him! She grabbed my hand holding it and said; Oh please don't be angry at me if I tell you. Leaving my wife on the bed rubbing the top of her head still sniffling from the pain and being so rudely handled shaking in fear all over!! I got out of my chair walked over to her to comfort her, only to have her shove me back and say get away from me your the cause of all this shit!! Now defending myself about this matter I leaned into her face and said; No your the damn cause of all this!! Had you not been fucking around behind my damnded back this wouldn't be happening now!! My wife jumped up off the bed only to discover her pussy hurt so bad she just fell back onto it reaching for her belly and leaning over as her arm folded across her belly in pain from the dildo episode just mom

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Yui ootsuki
You make me crazy every day