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#240596 - But that only happened twice, she was all over the game, so finally I said honey, your team isn't doing so well, she said oh yea, wanna bet on it, I said what dishes or do you want to make a real bet, she said whats on your mind you stud, I smiled and said if your team wins, I'll serve your next woman's meeting nude, but if my team wins, you do the same for the poker game this coming Friday, she looked at the others, they were all smiles, she said hum, see you nude serving the ladies would be fantastic, but I'm not sure how they would take it, I said ok, I'll wear an apron to cover up some, she said ok, your on, I said but if you lose, your nude during the entire night of the game, she said ok. We played another few games, Pam stood up and said ok, the next winner gets to go into the bedroom, but only one per customer, so we played the hand out, and Joseph won, he stood up and picked Pam, she stood and took his hand, they went into the bedroom, Amanda said ok

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