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#203236 - The bottle fell to the ground and broke into a million pieces, mum came rushing over scared that I had hurt myself; she kept asking if I was okay and I kept mumbling that I was fine. A wave of shame and horror swept over me, mum couldn’t say anything but “what are you doing here?! I stammered and mumbled but even I couldn’t make sense of what I was saying, I ran out of the room and locked myself up in my room I cried in shame till I slept off, I woke up several hours later and it was dark, everyone had gone to bed for the night or so I thought, I stepped out into the kitchen to get a drink as I closed the fridge with a bottle of some liquid I don’t remember in hand, I heard click and the lights on the dining came on, I couldn’t see at first as the light was a sudden lighting shard in the otherwise dark kitchen. After that night mom became pretty much my sexual drive towards orgasms and my mind was reeling out of control, I imagined mom in every position possible, as a maid sucking

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