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#60853 - Scott- “sorry about what happened the other night bro I hope you don’t hate me” Ben - “Don’t be stupid it is cool but why did you want to” “I don’t know I am not gay or anything, I just wanted to know what another guys cock felt like” “What did it feel like” It was amazing, a weird feeling so hard but at the same time soft, I could never do that to any other guy except you Ben, I hope you liked it half as much as I did. He was praying that would notr meet anyone he knew incase they saw his visible boner showing in his trackies. Ben opened his legs wider, Exposing an impressive bulge in his tight jeans, His hard cock clearly visible under the denim material, Scott could hold back no longer, His hand moved on the bulky package, Ben was really hard, he was excited and so fucking horny that he thought he might explode out of his jeans at any moment showering his brother with his thick creamy cum, For a few seconds their eyes transfixed on each others, Scott massaged his

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Nice part 2 needs more dirty talk sexy cute
Yumi omura
Why was she dancing like a gta stripper